Case Study 2: Ta-ku – I Miss You More Feat. Atu

(Structure and Sonic Characteristics on VAT)

Songs To Break Up To cover art

This second analysis and case study is also on one of Ta-ku’s tracks, I Miss You More. This one being from his EP, Songs To Break Up To, released in 2013, and once again Taku reaches into the realms of varying genre’s bringing classical instruments, soft synths and sampler drum kits into the mix with this clean intimate track.


This track by Ta-ku fits into the EMP world but he once again makes it fit into many different sub-genres, from hip hop to classical, but with more sampled, heavily edited and effected vocals, pushing over into the remix-style side of the EMP world, still containing heavily pop influenced styles.


This track was released in mid 2013 and much like the whole album it is  based on love which is on a much more personal level. But the listener can reach into their own personal struggles and experiences, making the track very empathetic and emotionally connecting.

Target Audience/ Demographic

As mentioned in my last case study, most EMP music is created for a very specific demographic, that being dance music, this is often produced to a click track and metronome to keep a solid beat for clubs etc. but these tracks often lack groove and feel, making it hard for the music to create real emotion; But Ta-ku breaks this convention, with the piano’s smooth human-like groove using dynamic control and feel through timing, which every great musician needs and uses.

Cultural Significance

This track links back to the social values of love and how it can affect everyday life, conveying important societal values such as love, respect, honesty and loyalty.

Para-musical Intent

This track is a lost relationship that was obviously lost, and the evident message of ‘I miss you’ hence the song title. The use of specific instruments reflects the theme of the song.

Aesthetic Quality

In this track Taku once again uses both organic and synthetic instruments to create this emotional journey. Using a clean, warm, real sounding piano and e-piano Taku sets the tracks mood instantly, mixed with the sorrowful vocals, you can begin to create the bridge going back to the albums theme based on its title.

The song has a very warm, soft timbre, portraying a melancholic feeling which the listener can empathise with. He uses an almost 90’s rap style strings synth which cuts through the mix, along with snappy snare rolls, giving the track movement, showing his true roots of hip-hop style EMP.

Although Ta-ku uses minimal instruments, every addition to each track he creates has a creative purpose and meaning for it to be there, which can leave some of the tracks vary bare but yet he creates a strong, full mix, which always conveys the message he wants to convey to his audience.

Case Study 2: Ta-ku – I Miss You More Feat. Atu

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