Planning and Reflecting on a Session

Here’s my Pre Production Plan for one of the sessions we worked on our generic project in.

Production Timeline for Today:
Task to be Completed and deadline

Complete Lead synth track Friday 11/12/2015

Touch up Bass and Drum track Friday 11/12/2015

Create Pad synth Friday 11/12/2015

Add Pad Synth into mix Friday 11/12/2015

Risk Management:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 5.47.26 PM
What I learnt?

Throughout creating the EMP project as a whole I’m constantly learning new ways to approach EMP and small ‘hacks’ in a way to beef up a track and to give it depth and texture and during our studio session we added a second pad synth which gave it a bit more depth. We also worked or a new way to incorporate a lead synth with the bass line playing the same progression but obviously in a higher octave, giving the track overall familiarity and texture while gaining a big frequency range at the same time.

Deviations and why? 

As I mentioned above we deviated from our plan slightly and created a second pad synth rather than just one, which gave the track more texture and aesthetic quality. We did this to beef up the track a bit more and add more complexity to it. Due to adding the second pad synth and creating the patch that took up some extra time leaving less time to work on the mix of the song but fortunately this didn’t affect us too badly. 

What I Acheived?

We completed one of the tracks for the generic project, we added a lead synth, two pad synths and changed up some of the bass and drums slightly. 

What I’d Do Differently?

Looking back the production of this track as a whole I think we could have made the track more complex interesting although I feel that everything we have learnt and achieved over the period of creating the tracks for the project is quite astonishing coming from having no knowledge of EMP.

Planning and Reflecting on a Session

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